Assistive Technology Equipment

The library has three  pieces of assistive technology to help our patrons who are blind, visually impaired, or have trouble accessing the printed word.    Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (GLS) has acquired this assistive technology on behalf of Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) for each library system in Georgia. Patrons can make an appointment to use the equipment at any branch; to do so fill out the form below or contact your branch.

Mobilux Digital Touch HD Portable Video Magnifier

The Mobilux Digital Touch HD is a handheld digital magnifier that can be used to display text or images with reverse contrast and at various levels of video enlargement.

LVI MagniLinkS

The MagniLinkS is a video magnifier that magnifies printed text onto a monitor.  Enlargement and contrast options allow for easier viewing of books, magazines, newspapers, forms, or anything you need to read.

LVI MagniLink Voice

This stand-alone, portable device is a text-to-speech device that is very simple to use.  It has an optical character reader that translates to audible speech output.

The LaGrange Memorial Library is open at our temporary location at 525 Park Ave in the old Unity School. The entrance is on Wilkes Ave.